Fiji’s Kittens
Wauw! These kittens were big at birth and grow fast.
Sochi’s kittens
Sochi has 2 beautiful Siberian Kittens. 1 Neva Masquerade boy
Kittens Kittens and more Kittens 🙂
We will post pictures of our lovely kittens so you
Yoshi will have kittens end of May!
Yoshi is also pregnant. Her Nebelung litter is expected at
Siberian Kittens Expected in May!
We are very pleased to announce that we will have
Kittens expected mid May !!
Exiting times at our Cattery. Fiji is expecting kittens from
Thorn Becomes Champion
After a long wait (due to Covid 19 pandemic) we
Blue Becomes Champion!
Despite Corona, lockdowns and show cancellations, Blue (Mothdust) became Champion.
Merry X-mas and happy 2022
Cattery Breeze Pelts wishes you a marry X-mas and a