Kitten Update:
All our kittens have found wonderful homes.
We expect a Russian Blue litter end of September. Please contact us for more information.

Cute Russian Blue Girl

Kitten Update July 2023:

The kittens are 6 and 5 weeks old now. They are starting to explore their surroundings. They are so funny and sweet.
Play, eat, sleep is what it's all about.

fiji en pina

Horus 2

June 2023:

More Kittens, 7 in total🙂

kittens june 2023
yosh june 2023

May 2023:

We have Kittens 🙂

fiji mei 2023

These 2 beauties were born on 26 May 2023. Mom is doing well .

kittens fiji mei 2023

September 2022:

All our Nebelung and Siberian Kittens have found lovely families.

Sidney 4
bondi 3
Kittens yoshi 22 jul 2022
Rio Samba 22 jul 2022
rood roze groen 22 jul 2022
mapple and grizzly 22 jul 2022
groen 22 jul 2022
mapple 22 juli 2022

June 2022

Our kittens are 8 weeks old now.
This Saturday they will all be chipped. Then on Monday it's time for their first vaccination and passport.

Kittens bunch
rio samba

May 2022

We Have Kittens 🙂

Sochi, Fiji and Yoshi all had a litter in the past 2 weeks.

Sochi (our Siberian) gave birth to 2 boys (one black tabby with white and one Neva Masquerade).

Fiji gave birth to 2 Nebelung boys.

Yoshi gave birth to 5 Nebelungs (one blue boy, 3 pika boys and one pika girl).

Please contact us for more information.

nest yoshi 2022
Yoshi's Litter. Kittens born on 30 May 2022.

1 Blue Boy, 3 Pika Blu Boys and 1 Pika Blu Girl.

nest fiji sochi 2022 cropped
Fiji and Sochi's Litter. Kittens born on Saturday 21 May 2022.
Something very unique happened between Sochi and Fiji. They gave birth almost simultaneously and have decided to raise their kittens together.

Kittens Expected Mid May 2022 From multiple litters!!!

Exiting times at our Cattery!
After a long wait we will have multiple litters in May.
We plan to have a mixed litter of Nebelung and Russian Blue Kittens from Fiji and Ragnar. Her litter is expected in the second week of May.
Sochi is also pregnant and will follow quickly with a very promising Siberian Litter from Judjin.
To make the excitement even bigger, Yoshi should follow at the end of May with a lovely Nebelung Litter from Xavi.
Please know that due to high demand, the waiting list is filling up quickly.
Contact us for more information.
Fiji Ragnar
Sochi x Judjin
Yoshi X Xavi

Past Litters:


Kittens small

Breeze Pelts Goes Japan

Our first litter was born December 2020.

Within 4 hours, 4 kittens were born. Blue was an incredible first time mom and took excellent care of her little ones. It's amazing how fast the babies grew and they became loving and funny kittens that loved to play with us and each other. When they were old enough the dogs were introduced and also Thorn was an excellent babysitter and helped raising them as well.

All kittens have found a loving family in their new homes.

Breeze Pelts Goes ....

In 2022 Breeze pelts is planning a litter. What will their names be.....?